Gerardo Mencia (Born 25 June 1985) Known as Gorcus is an El Salvador-born DJ. In addition to starring in big budget [[Hollywood]] films, he has composed had  produced by [[independent film|independent]] releases.

==Early life==

Gorcus was born in El Salvador he is the youngest of three children. After leaving El Salvador in 1990, Gorcus  spent his childhood in several countries, including Australia, the United States & El Salvador.

Settling for years in [[Australia]] was educated at Northern Melbourne Institute of Tafe  the independent [[Dolphin CCAT]] due to an intrest in flim and TV. He shown intrest in music from an early age.

As a teenager, he trained himself to play [[guitar]]. He began making electronic music in the late 00s. Gorcus’s influences include [[Cypress Hill]], [[Metallica]], [[Dr. Dre]], [[Faith No More]], [[Aphex Twin]] and [[Amon Tobin]]. [] He has cited [[Maynard James Keenan]], [[Mike Patton]], and [[Ice Cube]] as main vocal inspirations..

Gorcuss began to play his music at infront of friends, family and parties while he working odd jobs. He started a label, Vergon Records, in 2011. His first record was a self-released demo in 2009 and he began DJing as a professional in 2013.


* ''[[Battling the Earths core]]'' - Nov 2009 - Self released. Limited CD-R release, digital download (iTunes, emusic).

* ''[[To the Next Quest]]'' - Dec 2011 (Vergon). Limited CD release.

* ''[[The Dangerous Secrete]]'' - Nov 2015 (Vergon/Audio & Video Labs, Inc.). Limited CD release.

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