A company based in Recanati, Italy, which manufactures both keyboard instruments, and keyboard and other mechanisms for use in synths and keyboard instruments. Fatar makes several lines of both synth weighted and piano weighted keyboard mechanisms which it sells to other synth and keyboard instrument manufacturers; some use wood keys and some plastic. Various spans, key depths, weighting mechanisms, and keytop finishes are available. A particular unusual product is a mechanism for stacking keyboards to produce multi-manual consoles for pipe organs. Fatar also produces pitch wheel and similar mechanisms often used as performance controls in synths. The company has a reputation for producing high-quality keyboard mechanisms.

Fatar produces its own keyboard instruments, which are usually sold under the name Studiologic. Since about 1990, the company has offered a variety of master keyboards, which control other synths via MIDI, and a line of digital pianos, plus pedalboards and pedal controllers. In 2013, Studiologic introduced its first synth, the Sledge. This became the first synth to be designed and produced in Italy since the 1980s.

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