(1944-2015) Founder of the influential Berlin School band Tangerine Dream, and the sole member who has remained with the band throughout its existence.  Froese was born during World War II in an area of East Prussia that was annexed by the Soviets at the end of the war, and the Germanic familes of the area were forced out.  Froese's family relocated to West Berlin, where he grew up playing guitar and keyboards in various phychedelic bands in the 1960s.  He begain recruiting fellow Berlin musicians to form what became Tangerine Dream in 1967.

Froese remained the leader of Tangerine Dream through his death in 2015, playing synthesizer and keyboards, and also occasional guitar and bass.  In TD's early days, Froese from time to time released solo albums under his own name, although 2004's Dalinetopia was his only all-new solo work after 1983.  His early solo works Aqua, Epsilon in Malaysian Pale, and Macula Transfer are regarded as essential for TD fans.  He also composed and recorded the soundtrack for the film Stuntman.  Froese's son Jerome is also an electronic musician and was a member of TD for a few years during the 2000s.

Froese died in Vienna, Austria on January 20, 2015.