'''Gerardo Mencia'''  (born 25 June 1985) is an [[El Salvador|Salvadorian]] DJ. In addition to starring in big budget [[Hollywood]] films, he has composed nad  produced by [[independent film|independent]] releases.

==Early life==

Gorcus was born in [[El Salvador]] he is the youngest of three children. After leaving [[El Salvador]] in 1990, Gorcus  spent his childhood in several countries, including [[Australia]] and the [[United States]].

Settling for years in [[Australia]] was educated at Northern Melbourne Institute of Tafe  the independent [[Dolphin CCAT]] due to an intrest in flim and TV. He shown intrest in music from an early age.

As a teenager, he trained himself to play [[guitar]]. He began making electronic music in the late 2000s. Gorcus’s influences include [[Cypress Hill]], [[Metallica]], [[Dr. Dre]], [[Faith No More]], [[Aphex Twin]] and [[Amon Tobin]]. [] He has cited [[Maynard James Keenan]], [[Mike Patton]], and [[Ice Cube]] as main vocal inspirations..

Gorcuss began to play his music at infront of friends, family and parties while he working odd jobs. He started a label, Vergon Records, in 2011. His first record was a self-released demo in 2009 and he began DJing as a professional in 2013.


* ''[[Battling the Earths core]]'' - Nov 2009 - Self released. Limited CD-R release, digital download (iTunes, emusic).

* ''[[To the Next Quest]]'' - Dec 2011 (Vergon). Limited CD release.

* ''[[The Dangerous Secrete]]'' - Nov 2015 (Vergon/Audio & Video Labs, Inc.). Limited CD release.

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