Acronym for "Moog Console Panel", an oddball module format used in some vintage Moog modular synths. The larger Moog modular synth modules had, at the bottom of the cabinet, a row for modules that were about half of the height of the standard Moog modules. (The standard Moog module was 8.75" [22.2 mm], so a MCP panel by this formula would be 4.375" [11.11 mm]. This information is unverified.) It was originally intended as a space to mount the synth's power supply and its control panel, but Moog reasoned that the extra space could be used for utility modules. Moog produced a handful of modules that fit in the MCP space, most of which consisted of passive mixer and signal routing modules. Almost nothing is produced in this format today other than the Moon Modular 525MCP mixer/attentuator.

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