A modular synthesizer format developed by Paul Schreiber's Synthesis Technology company. The format is somewhat similar to the Dotcom format in size and appearance; it uses the same module height of 8.75", but the horizontal unit is narrower at 1.75". Synth Tech's own modules use an appearance standard similar to the Dotcom's, with white graphics on a black background, but the fonts, graticle styles, and other details are different. By convention, most MOTM modules group their patch cord connections at the bottom of the module, which somewhat reduces patch cord clutter. 1/4" phone jacks are used for all signal interconnections.

The format calls for ±15V power. Some recent Synth Tech designs which extensively employ digital circuits also require +5V. The power connector used is an MTA-156 connector, of six pins for modules requiring the +5V power and four pins for other modules. Synth Tech power supplies and cases use a power distribution board with multiple connectors, and short cables with female MTA-156 connectors at each end are used to connect power to the modules. Small adaptor boards can also be used to connect MOTM modules to the MTA-100 connectors used by Dotcom power supplies.

Besides Synth Tech, Encore, Oakley and Synthcube offer modules in the MOTM format. And, Modcan's B-series modules are all in the MOTM format, although they use black graphics on a white background. At one time, a group of enthusiasts known on the Synth-DIY mailing list as "Stooge Panels" offered a series of panels designed for conversion of specific Frac and Eurorack modules to MOTM format, as well as MOTM-format panels for popular DIY projects. However, this went inactive after the untimely death of Stooge Larry Hendry in 2006.

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