A manufacturer of synth equipment, based on California in the USA. Metasonix is notable for using vacuum tubes (valves) in most of its equipment; the tubes generally protrude out through the front of the panel, both as a stylistic element and to provide cooling. Further, the circuits are often based on tube types that were not originally intended for audio applications (i.e., not the common 12AX7), and most are new-old-stock rather than current production. Both the circuit designs and the marketing are rather iconoclastic, and tend towards distorted and inharmonic sounds.

Metasonix originally made modules for modular synthesizers, in the MOTM format. Starting in 2010, it began transitioning to the Eurorack format, and as of 2015 it no longer offers any MOTM-format modules. The company also makes a few models of complete monophonic synths. The module selection varies over time but usually includes some circuits that can provide both VCO and VCA functionality, plus a variety of distortion and waveshaping devices. Out of necessity, they all include a high-voltage power supply to provide the plate voltage for the tubes, which the performer should be cautious of. Also as a result, some of the modules have unusual power requirements. Most of the modules use a distinctive black-on-yellow paint scheme. Earlier products often included salacious cartoon graphics (provided by "Retarded Animal Babies" cartoonist Dave Lovelace), but they have backed off of that in recent years.

Metasonix web site

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