A modular synthesizer manufacturer owned by Bruce Duncan and operating out of Toronto, ON, Canada (the company's name is a contraction of "Modular Canada"). The company launched in 1997. Modcan is noted for introducing, with its "A" series modules, the Modcan-A module format, with its color-coded banana jacks. Modcan over the years developed an extensive lineup of modules, with a particular emphasis on control voltage processing and signal routing modules. In 2005, Modcan introduced its "B" series, which is compatible with the MOTM format. The B series modules are noted for their color scheme of black graphics on a white background, which is the opposite of the convention in large format modules. Nearly all of the lineup is available in both series. A subset of modules is also available in Eurorack format.

More recently Modcan has moved into digital audio generation and processing modules, along with some exotic analog types. A notable example is the 65B dual frequency shifter module, an analog/digital hybrid; another is the 59A/B voltage-controlled digital delay. Modcan also offers several case and rack mounting options. However, it does not sell a keyboard controller, and oddly, MIDI/CV converters have appeared in the lineup only recently.

Modcan sells direct from its Web site. Potential customers should note that, although the company is located in Canada, the products are priced in U.S. dollars.

As of December 2017, owner Bruce Duncan is recovering from an extended illness. A few orders are being accepted for Eurorack modules. Orders for other products are TBD.

Modcan web site

Examples of each format, using the Model 10 multimode VCF as an example:


10a, Modcan-A format


10b, MOTM format


10e, Eurorack format