A series of modular synthesizer modules introduced by Bob Moog's company Big Briar in 1998. The modules were Moog's first tentative move back into synthesizers since the establishment of Big Briar in 1977. Because the state of the modular synthesizer market was uncertain at the time (Synthesis Technology and had only been in business for about a year at that point, and Doepfer was virtually unknown outside of Germany), Moog chose to go after a bigger market by configuring and marketing the modules as guitar stompbox effects. The standard inputs and outputs handle guitar-level signals, and the units are battery powered, as are most guitar effects boxes. However, the boxes have additional inputs and outputs allowing them to be used in a synth setup; line-level inputs and outputs are present alongside the guitar-level jacks, and additional jacks allow for control voltages to be input, as with a modular synth.

The models which have appeared so far (all are currently in production except for the MF-104):

In 2000, not too long after the introduction of the MF-101 and 102, Big Briar became the newly reconstituted Moog Music. At that time, the existing Moogerfoogers were re-labeled as Moog Music products. Early production MF-101 and 102 units can be found badged with the Big Briar name. The Moogerfooger line has been fairly successful, and they helped pave the way for the introduction of the Voyager in 2002.

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