A British electronic-music trio that performs material mostly of the Berlin School, and composes most of their material in an improvisational fashion a la early Tangerine Dream. The trio formed their first band, under the name of "DAS", as teenagers in 1980. They consisted of Gary Haughton on guitar, Duncan Goddard on bass, and Steve Dinsdale on drums. DAS recorded material throughout the 1980s, but little of it was ever released.

In 1988, Dinsdale left DAS to pursue a career as a professional musician. Meanwhile, Goddard got interested in synthesizers and electronic music, started to collect gear, and set up a small studio for himself. In 1993, Dinsdale and Goddard decided to regroup, and both of them took up synths as their primary instruments. They recorded an album which was released as "Startide" some years later. Shortly after, the duo reconnected with Haughton and invited him to join, creating the Radio Massacre International trio. The band membership remains the same today, with occasional fourth guest musicians. RMI (as the fans usually call it) released their first album, Frozen North, in 1995.

Because the band primarily performs in an improvised fashion, they have been quite prolific at recording and releasing material; it is not unusual for a live performance to consist entirely of new-on-the-spot compositions, and some of their albums of new material are drawn from live recordings. While Dinsale and Goddard mostly play synths, Haughton remains primarily a guitarist, alternating between rapid-fire leads and textures formed by using a variety of electronics to process his guitar. Dinsdale and Goddard occasionally contribute percussion and bass respectively.

Many of RMI's compositions feature space-related themes. They are known for their performances at the Jodrell Bank Observatory, and various science and technology museums in the UK and U.S.