A capability of most software-based sequencers that allows incoming MIDI data to be routed to an arbitrary destination, changing the embedded channel number if necessary. A performer who is recording with a sequencer has a need to be able to hear what he/she is playing while recording (or practicing, or experimenting with patches, etc.). If the sequencer did not have soft thru capability, it would be necessary for the user to disconnect and re-connect MIDI cables and change channel assignments each time a different synth was to be played. With soft thru, the sequence can re-route the data to a different interface and re-map the channel numbers so that the data goes only to the desired synth and channel, making it unnecessary to change the setup to play a different synth.In such a setup, usually the source of the MIDI data is either a master keyboard or a synth being used as a master keyboard with local control turned off; often the sequencer will set up soft thru automatically depending on which track is selected for recording.

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