Source of the Zombie Virus is a electronic music trio, generally focusing on a dark and disturbing sound. Murder, torture, rape, necrophilia and suicide are all frequent themes. The group consists of Sectumsempra, The Professor and The Creep, all having their own specific styles. Most of the time the trio's slightly different styles are melded into one song, but sometimes a single member will make a song entirely their own.

Sectumsempra: Enjoys a hip hop inspired sound, and is usually the one who handles samples and other effects. Created songs like "Plague", "His Head Came Off, That Was Something I Didn't Expect", "The Aliens Are Here" and "Psychopaths".

The Professor: Tends to go for a more organic sound, often with electric guitars and more genuine sounding drumkits. Created songs like "Virgin", "Necrophilia", "Tazty Pregnant Bellies" and "Murder All Children".

The Creep: The really fast-paced, hyperactive sort of sound is usually the work of The Creep. Created songs like "Aren't Pandas a Bunch of Cunts?", "The Root Of All That's Evil", "Sex With Grandma" and "Destroy Everything".


Kidz Listen 2 This Then Eat U (2010)

Dark Places Where Ugly Children Are Punished (2011)

Tazty Pregnant Bellies (2012)

Nibiru (2012)

Misanthropic LP (2014)

Corpse Music (2015)

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