(1940?-) Inventor and proprietor of Steiner-Parker, a synth manufacturer from the 1970s. Steiner, an expert trumpet player who played with the Utah Symphony Orchestra in the 1960s, is probably best known for inventing the EVI wind instrument controller, and he launched Steiner-Parker with partner Dick Parker in 1975 to market the EVI and synths that he designed. When that company went under in 1979, he took the EVI to Crumar, which continued to sell it while Steiner made improvements. When Crumar went under in 1986, Steiner next went to Akai, which marketed versions of the EVI until 1996. Since then, Steiner has done low-volume production of the EVI himself.

Steiner also has a career in film soundtrack composing and performance with over a dozen films to his credit. His first work was on the soundtrack to Apocalypse Now in 1979. He frequently features the EVI in his soundtrack performances.