A manufacturer of modular synthesizer equipment, specializing in modules that replicate the functions, appearance and much of the circuitry of the vintage Moog modules. This extends to using the power supply voltages that were used by the vintage Moogs (+12 and -6 volts), although the modules have onboard regulators that allow them to be powered from standard Dotcom power supplies. The modules that use trigger signals also use S-trigger internally, although they have onboard conversion to voltage triggers for interface to other modern modules. These accommodations for the modern standards can be omitted by custom order, if the modules are to be installed in a vintage Moog system.

Synth-Werk also offers several packaged systems, which are named "Spirit of Trumansburg" (Trumansburg being the town in New York where Robert Moog built his first modular synths). This includes several studio and a few portable models. Some are packaged with a few modules from Moon Modular to cover functions for which Synth-Werk does not produce modules.

Synth-Werk is based in Munich.

Synth-Werk Web site

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