A modular synthesizer manufacturer based in Tyler, TX USA, which is in the Dallas area. It is one of several Roger Arrick-owned electronics design and manufacturing companies, which share staff and facilities.'s product line consists of the Q-series large format modules, cases for same, and accessories.

The company's philosophy in modular synth uses the vintage Moog modulars as a point of reference, but with modern circuitry. The look and feel of the modules is similar, with the black-and-white paint scheme and same type of knobs as what Moog used, although Dotcom (as the company is often referred to) has developed more efficient panel layouts, and does a better job of maintaining consistent panel graphics than Moog did. The module lineup covers most of the same territory as the vintage Moog systems did, although most of the individual modules deviate significant from the way Moog did things (for instance, the Q107 VCO is unlike any VCO Moog ever offered). Dotcom has made a few efforts to reproduce the specific look and feel of a few vintage Moog modules, such as the Q960 sequencer which appears identical to the Moog 1960 sequencer, including the incandescent lamps which indicate which step is active.

Dotcom is noted for its various system packages and buying plans, including a pay-as-you-go plan which allows one to build up a synth over a period of two years at a fixed per-month payment. The company is also noted for a rather offbeat sense of humor; for instance, its website document several joke module designs such as the Q199 "no-pass" filter, which has an input but no output. Dotcom is one of two modular synth manufacturers located in the Dallas area, the other being Paul Schreiber's Synthesis Technology; Roger and Paul had considered going into business together at one point, but they had different ideas about formats and design philosophy. web site (the URL will not be surprising)

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