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Vermona Perfourmer Mark II, from Vermona's Web site

A synthesizer manufacturer located in Markneukirchen, Germany (a town that has historically been a world center of musical instrument manufacture). Vermona is noted for its line of tabletop synths and effects units; it also manufactures a few modules for modular synths in Eurorack format. Current products (as of 2017) include:

  • The Perfourmer, a four-voice polyphonic analog synth including some operational modes wherein one voice can be used to modulate another.
  • The Mono Lancet, a small monophonic analog synth. A notable option is the Lancet Dock, which extends the synth's inputs and outputs, and some controls, to a Eurorack module panel.
  • The DRM1, an analog drum synthesizer, containing eight voice circuits which are tuned to certain types of drum and percussion sounds.
  • Other products in the Lancet series, including effects units and a dedicated kick drum synth.
  • The '14 Analogsynththesizer, a comprehensive monophonic analog synth, and currently the only product Vermona produces having a keyboard. It is being produced in a limited edtion.

Vermona web site (English)

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