(1957-) Integrated circuit designer specializing in music applications, and an electronic music aficionado. After graduating from Villanova University, he was hired by semiconductor firm MOS Technology to design an integrated circuit which would be a complete polyphonic synth-on-a-chip. The result was the SID. The personal computer maker Commodore, which owned MOS Technology, used the SID as its sound generator in its C-64 and C-128 lines of personal computers. MOS also attempted to market the SID to synth manufacturers, and as Yannes tells it, Sequential Circuits was interested at one point. But nothing came of this, and Sequential took to ICs from SSM for the first version of the Prophet-5.

Yannes left MOS Technology in 1982 to co-found Ensoniq. His first effort was to design the memory-access and playback ICs for the Mirage sampler. He went on to design digital oscillator circuits for all of the synth models that Ensoniq produced.

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